Darius de Haas


“I love to sing- period. It brings me a singular bliss and joy I received through listening to and emulating all the singers in my family. And what I love to sing isn’t dictated by a particular genre or style as I have been fortunate to explore so many of them. But through that exploration- be it jazz, musical theater, pop, or art song- I have found my own pure and honest sound that I pray will please the listener.”- Darius

For the Lincoln Center Songbook, Darius created re-interpretations of the music of Billy Strayhorn (“Take The A Train”, “Lush Life”) and of Stevie Wonder’s music receiving critical acclaim and sold out houses. These two concerts celebrating seemingly very different composers established Darius as a performer of singular ability and range in jazz and popular music. He has also been a muse for the theater /art song composers like Ricky Ian Gordon and John Adams. Subsequently he performed Duke Ellington's Sacred Concert of Music at Disney Concert Hall as well as guest with several orchestras and groups. He has performed, recorded and/or toured with such diverse artists as Elvis Costello, Debbie Harry, Marvin Hamlisch, Roberta Flack, and most frequently with Vanessa Williams. Along with his regular concerts, Darius’ latest creation is a centennial celebration of Leonard Bernstein’s music “A Bernstein Thing”, a musical exploration of Leonard Bernstein’ s music through the lenses of jazz, pop, and blues.

He is an award winning actor and singer with "deeps roots in jazz and soul" (New York Times) “who can reveal the sorrows, pains and joys of the composer's richly layered repertoire with an intensity and honesty that easily envelops and mesmerizes the listener.”- (Variety)